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Our So Called New Road - Her Viewpoint

By Karen - Posted on 09 June 2011

Someone forgot to mention or maybe didn't remember, that I was against taking the RV up that mud slide of a road. I took all five dogs out of the RV, got all tangled up in their leashes, and waited on the property across the street because I was afraid the RV was going to tip over and come sliding down the “road.” I wanted to be as far away as possible.

As I was trying to untangle myself from five leashes without falling over I met one of our neighbors as he was driving by. My face was sweating and I was not in the best of moods as I could hear our RV's tires squealing and spinning out as they went no where other than deeper into the mud. I tried to throw off the mood and walked to the truck and introduced myself. But our dogs are min pins and the breed is bred to be "watch dogs." This means whenever anyone (or anything like a car) comes anywhere near me or the property, they bark continuously. I could not actually hear what our neighbor was saying except for bits here and there, but I smiled and nodded when I heard something I understood. I kept apologizing for the behavior of our ferocious little dogs. He kept me occupied for the duration of the "big pull out" and I'm thankful for that since I would have had extreme stress watching that. After he left, Richard got the RV unstuck and we both took a walk to the top.

Well, we were highly disappointed when we first saw the finished work. All of our hard packed dirt and stone driveway was turned over and was no where to be seen. I wasn’t happy with the trees being cut either. I didn’t even know he was going to take 10 trees down. Where are they? Did he grind them into sawdust for that huge sawdust pile he left? We later learned that the sawdust chips attract bugs. We have three huge trees that he cut down that are still on our property and we have no way of removing them. This is “my fault” because I was questioning the use of the trees to the contractor. He said he would leave them if we wanted them. They weren’t worth anything other than firewood.

Jay, our contractor, is a young family man that has his children working with him on these jobs. He is extremely nice and I’m sure he did as we asked. It turned into a problem when we realized later that we didn’t know the first thing about the products used to make a road.

So, when we drove up to see our “new and improved” road, we or I guess I should say I was horribly disappointed with the results. Where there was once a beautiful wooded area there was now a big barren area, like a building site, filled with thick mud. The surrounding area looked hacked up and nothing like I remembered. It truly looked like someone had gone in there and made a huge muddy mess.

And we asked where was the gravel? In our minds, or in my mind, I thought gravel was rock. But it turns out gravel is actually sand. We should have said, “We want a road made out of rocks.”  When we had our driveway at home widened, the contractor used rocks, not sandy gravel.

Image of StoneRidgeHill driveway

Picture of road before work - see the stone?

Now that we will soon be without a steady income due to my husband’s recent job abolishment and semi retirement the situation seems even more maddening. How are we going to pay for “rock” to finish our road? Well, we will figure out something like we always do.

And wait until you hear about the noises that came out of our forest on a recent morning camp out on the property. The sound was bone chilling yet exciting. Our forest is a home to wildlife. Imagine that! Thanks for reading and sharing!

(Some names have been changed.)

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