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Our First Look

By Karen - Posted on 05 January 2011

Richard and I were surprised when we realized we had bought a forest. Yes, we both saw the words, "WOODED" on a large section of the property's survey map but what did we know with one of us raised in the city and the other in the suburbs. Our forest was the first piece of property we called about when we started looking for land within our price range and within a 2 - 3 hour driving radius from our home.We do not make decisions easily, and we checked out every piece of property within our designated guidelines. It took all of our weekends for months, the most patient real estate agent we had ever met, and learning what it means to buy undeveloped property before we found what we were looking for.One hot summer day after checking out a piece of farmland for sale covered with rolling corn fields and an RV that almost tipped over driving up the hill to get to the property, we almost called the search off until next year. But we asked Bruce, our agent, to show us our first choice since it was only a few miles away from where we were.What a difference it made in our outlook as we walked into the cool, dark forested property out of the hot sun of summer. I looked up from underneath some of the tallest trees I had ever seen and felt the protection of the tree tops shielding me from the heat of the sun. It was peaceful and you could feel a sense of calm and tranquility take over. Studies have shown that being in the presence of nature lowers stress levels, and even an hour in nature can have lasting benefits throughout the day. Richard and I both felt this here. We made the offer and waited.While the forest helped us feel centered and close to nature from being within its embrace, we had no idea how much we were going to be involved with sustaining this magnificent resource of nature. Or how we were going to get to know so much about forests, wildlife and nature.

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